Rubble Patterned Kansas Limestone


Rubble or Machine Split Rubble Veneer (MSRV) is the term associated with our stone after it has been split to produce full bed depth veneer or thin veneer. Rubble veneer is a common look produced by stone fabricators as stone is split to thickness and height within a specific range. For example, full bed thickness Rubble is split to a nominal 4" bed depth and a 4"-12" range in height. This method of veneer production is cost effective while providing a less formal impression.


Dimensional Patterned Kansas Limestone


Dimensional or Sawn Bed Split Face Veneer (SBSF) is a style that combines the splitting method for the face texture with a sawn top and bottom to create specific heights for both full and thin veneer. Dimensional veneer is a standard for many quarry block fabricators, as all raw blocks require a saw to fabricate. The sawn heights are typically set to accommodate a 3/8" mortar joint. Installers enjoy this method of fabrication as it improves installation speed due to the pattern it forms. Additionally, designers and their clients choose dimensional veneer for its clean lines and uniform appearance.


Webwall Patterned Kansas Limestone


Webwall is a style characterized by random shapes. Webwall often referred to as Mosaic by our customers, is produced with material including both split and sawn edges. Available for both thin and full veneer applications webwall suits the customer interested in a random design that does not appear fabricated or too processed.



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